Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XXIX (Freedom v. Ethics)


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I’m skipping ahead a little from last week.  Clyota’s been arraigned for the murder of her mother’s former co-pilot and released on a ridiculously small amount of bail, all courtesy of evidence collected by the Pressman from a Library-secure system—without her knowledge and before they signed the exclusivity contract.

Naturally, she’s a bit conflicted about this:

“Verbal Agreements,” he said, “are covered quite nicely by the Basic Freedoms Act.”

“I prefer the ALA Code of Ethics—it covers confidentiality and privacy quite nicely.”

Another of his odd shrugs produced a static crackling as his metal implants rubbed against the fabric of his clothing.  “Confidentiality,” he said, stepping to the back door of Christina’s car as it pulled up, “would not have freed you tonight for only one credit.” 

“Do you know what the Library is going to do to you when I report that you hacked our systems?”  

“What,” he said, smiling faintly, “will the revocation of your bail do to you?”


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