Random Thursday: A Random Sampling of Really Cool People*

Happy Flag Day, Mom!

And Happy Birthday, too!

I know you haven’t taken the day off, so Zumba pretty and have some white chocolate chip ice cream at Graeter’s!


Objects!  Wires!  Puns!  Time Suck of Awesomeness!

My dear friend firstmausi sent me a link to this article, which led me to this website, which lead me to this:

Terry Border is clearly braincrush material.

And there are books!


Free eBook!

Alexandra Sokoloff—amazing writer, genius instructor, generous mentor, and fellow Sherlock groupie—is offering free copies of The Book of Shadows, her paranormal (or is it?) mystery.

I loved it—as you can tell from my review.

Do yourself a favor and snag a copy for yourself, and then buy the rest of her list because she’s that good.

You might want to start reading her blog, too—there’s solid advice for writers and writing in every post.

And, often, paragraphs about the best theatrical lighting for Benedict Cumberbatch’s cheekbones.


Best Avengers Story Ever.  Not Kidding

Lyra sent me a link to the article behind this photo, which I hadn’t actually seen before, because I don’t even know why, must’ve blinked:**

Tom Hiddleston is obviously a Very Cool Person, which is difficult to miss, even without photographic evidence.

But the story is even better.


The best parts of this  are Chris Evan’s mom and that the mother of the boy in the picture went through all this while carrying four bags of school supplies.

Because Moms = Cool =  Superheroes

It’s just that simple.


Video Game Evolution

David Corbett did one of his fun and brilliant posts about video games  and narratives over at Murderati yesterday.  If you glance at the comments, you’ll find me admitting to my age and generally geekery while quite probably talking through my hat.***  Fun times.

And as my old vid-pusher Kev the Ear Worm King has a very specific form of telepathy,^ this landed in my inbox that same morning:

I can name about half of these.  You?


*Your definition and mileage may vary, but if you’ve made it to the footnotes, I’m going to assume they don’t.

**Or, as a co-worker helpfully pointed out, it doesn’t feature Jeremy Renner.  Yeah, okay, fine.

***Hey, I never claimed to be cool, except ironically.

^Or he’s cyberstalking me.  Tomato-tomahto.