A Kilo of Chocolate Sprinkles

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Wayne E. Pollard’s webcomic Bo’s Café Life, which describes the trials, victories, tribulations, happy delusions, and painful realities of this over-caffeinated writing business—including what happens when they run out of French Vanilla.

His stuff is so spot on, I’ve accused Wayne more than once of following me around.* And his No B.S. Blog for Writers is exactly as advertised.

So when I was told that he was gathering a short eCollection of his humorous essays and offering it on Amazon for a penny less than a buck, I was there**  even before I saw the cover:


See what I mean about being follo—um, never mind.

I laughed and/or snickered all the way through this book—I even read my favorite bits from “Café Life” and the title story out loud to my longsuffering husband, who hates it when I do that but couldn’t help chuckling, too.***  There’s also a phone call between Charles Dickens and his agent which is eyerollingly snortworthy, and an essay about media interview tips that has some solid, if snarky, advice that I’m saving for (a hopeful) later.^

After finishing the last page, I only had two complaints: I wanted it to be longer—though it’s an awful lot of funny for 99 cents—and I wanted Cold Stone ice cream. Now. With lots and lots of sprinkles.

A Kilo of Chocolate Sprinkles is for sale at Amazon—give it a try, would you?^^

And then go find yourself over at Bo’s Café Life—we’re all in there somewhere.


*Which, I’ve noticed, he hasn’t actually denied

**Or, rather, I was there once our WiFi re-established itself after cutting out mid-download when the storm knocked out our power. That I was more irritated about not having Internet access than I was about the freezer or finding working flashlights or a battery-powered alarm clock says a lot about the dismal state of my priorites our current technoculture (cough). But if the lightning had held off for thirty seconds, I would at least have had something to read on a nice, bright screen while I waited for the lights to come back on . . .

*** Though I wisely kept the best lines from the treatise on husband-training to myself.  I do have a few survival instincts.

^Though the state of my wardrobe viewed through this advice has me seriously considering agoraphobia and strategically-filtered Skype as a valid career choice . . .

^^There’s a free Kindle app available for your laptop and your phone, if, like me, you prefer a different eReader—or none at all.


Bo’s Cafe Life comic reposted courtesy of the author, who retains all rights, etc.