Something Relative

You know how people say we can’t choose our family, but we can choose our friends?

Turns out, we are choosing family:

I’m not sure what to do with this, exactly . . . it’s comforting and slightly squicky at the same time.

But I certainly don’t feel alone anymore.

6 thoughts on “Something Relative

  1. I’m going to be chewing on this video all day. Well, not literally, of course.

    Using, Doug and I have accidentally discovered a possible family link from about four or five generations ago. Who would have ever guessed – he’s largely Eastern European Jewish and I’m mostly Scots Irish. And yet —–

    • Kissing cousins are everywhere! 🙂

      That’s great, Lisa. Genealogy is fun—though sometimes like filling in a crossword puzzle where you have to make up your own clues!

  2. Oh, this is great. I’m related to famous people, but more importantly, I’m related to you. XD Awesome. My husband isn’t the same ethnicity as me so we’re probably less related, but I’m still gonna try and gross him out later. That’s wrong, huh? On another note, the guy in charge of this vlog is a cute nerd. Love it! Great find. Have a great Saturday, cousin Sarah.

    • It’s not wrong at all—and you don’t have to remind Jon that as long as you aren’t first cousins, everything is fair game until he says, “Ewww.” 😀

      I’ll definitely be going through the Vsauce archives—he is cute, isn’t he?

      Have a delightful weekend, cousin!

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