Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XXXI (Ignorance is Bliss)

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It dawns on Clyota that the lockbox the Lieutenant was bring to her when he was killed might be an actual clue, so she talks Christina into stopping off at Clyota’s house—which is been sealed by a Police Beaconso she can retrieve it.

Christina parked about thirty meters shy of my house.  “Okay, guys, do your thing—I’ll just sit tight with the motor running, my eyes closed, and my fingers in my ears.”

“You aren’t an officer of the court,” I said, steeling myself to open my door and wondering if the lockbox was a good enough reason to leave the warm car.  “You don’t have to report anything.”

“No, but I hyperventilate in stressful situations.  Hurry up.”


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17 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XXXI (Ignorance is Bliss)

  1. Christina is me in most situations and while I love to read that, I’m not sure how that plays out in real life. Well, my friends stick around, so…anyway, love how these three became an awkward unit and here is an example of why. It’s just a fun scene!

  2. On this one is intriguing! I need to go back and catch up on all the previous ones just as soon as I get through edits. I have the feeling this is a fun story.

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