Random Thursday: Biology . . .and Plumbing?

It made sense at the time . . . sort of . . .


A Literate Water Feature

epic win photos - Book Fountain WIN

Makes you want to wade right into a cool book, doesn’t it?


Biology:  Beautiful and Weird as Heck

funny science news experiments memes - Golden Tortoise Beetle

This is a Golden Tortoise Beetle.  It is a living WTH, Darwin, Explain That—but see how shiny?


Nice to Have a Plumber in the Family

Yesterday afternoon, whilst I was celebrating the Fourth reading a book on the corner of the couch nearest to the A/C vent:

Janie (collapsing on the couch next to me):  Sunny is such a Mario.

Me:  A Mario?

Janie:  Yeah, you know, Mario Brothers, the game?

Me:  Okay, how?

Janie:  She jumps a lot, and climbs, and likes Princesses and mushrooms. . . And she likes playing in the sink—

Sunny (launching herself over the back of the couch onto my lap):  Boo!!!

Me: Oooof!!!

Janie:  And she has Power-ups . . .


Or, I could just look Outside

This, According to New Scientist, is what one million degrees looks like, courtesy of an artist’s redition of a  computer’s rendition of the corona of the sun.  Or something.

Of course, it ain’t the heat, it’s the humidity.


Biology: Altruistic and Squicky

I’m sharing this for your own good. Really. Even the ad.

But before you watch, can we agree for the mutual benefit of all that we aren’t vampire bats in any way, shape, or habit? Thank you.