Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XXXIII (Rage)

Six Sentence Sunday is open to all writers. Just pick a six sentence passage from anything you’ve written—published, unpublished, whatever—and post it on your blog on Sunday.

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 Last week, someone broke into Clyota’s police-sealed house before Clyota and the Pressman could—some people are so inconsiderate:

Rage trumped exhaustion.

“Stay here,” I said, and broke into a low run.  The crunch of frozen grass echoed in my frozen ears, but the target’s ski mask blocked more than the wind; I made it halfway across the lawn before I was spotted.

He reacted instinctively, raising the lockbox for a moment as if to deflect my charge, then dropping it to assume a defensive stance a bare moment before I leapt and hit him like a ton of fast-moving bricks. 

I didn’t have my HushMaster or sap with me—the handcuffs would have come in handy, too, and a stunner, since I was making a list—but I’ve always been good at subduing belligerent Patrons in hand-to-hand. 

And Library Rules don’t apply in my own front yard.


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20 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XXXIII (Rage)

  1. you just tricked me into pulling up my own manuscript to find six sentences i liked only to spend a good 30 minutes revising. thank you!

    clyota–what a great character name.

    • You’re welcome, Josey! 😀

      It’s one of those family names that are such a joy to their recipients. I swiped it from a gravestone in the cemetery across from our old house.

    • I do, too, Wendy, thanks!

      While selecting all these sixes, I realized that she’s been just a tad emo for a woman who’s as well trained as she is . . . But this is a turn-around point for her.

  2. I always love seeing Clyota in business mode, but that last line is chillingly good. A woman after my own heart, as usual.

  3. Great Six, Sarah. She gives the female cops on Law and Order a run for their money. I dig that last line too. A sexy librarian, kicking tail. Gotta love that story! 😉

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