Random Thursday: God Particles, Parenting, and Random Owls

Are explanations really necessary at this point?  ‘Cause I’m fresh out.


I Feel So Much Better Now

funny science news experiments memes - Fake Science: Not Actually Fake...

The rumor is that  physicist Leon Lederman, who wrote a book about  the Higgs Boson and other complicated stuff, had originally called the wee beastie a ‘goddamn particle,’  presumably out of frustration, but his publisher made him change it.


Random Owl Moment

(sorry about the ad)

Show of hands:  Who wants to pet that owl?

Another show of hands:  Who wants to be that owl?


Phone Call from Six Flags

Sunny:  Hi, Mommy!

Me:  Hi, lovey!  What did you do today?

Sunny:  We went shopping!  I got a pink lifesaver.

Me:  Your grandma let you buy candy?*

Sunny:  No! It’s plastic and goes whoosh-whoosh!

Janie (in the background):  Light saber!

Sunny:  I mean, light saber.  And a tee shirt with big letters on it!

Me:  Really?  What does your tee shirt say?

Sunny:  I’m not sure—I can’t read yet, you know.


Another Random Owl(s) Moment

cute animals - Daily Squee: Owls and Owls and Owls and Owls

The eyes have it.  A lot of it.


Hey, guess who’s being featured on Parent du Jour?

Here’s your chance to comment on my parenting philosophy and dubious skills in a more public arena.

(thanks to Wayne Pollard for recommending me!)


Random The Owl Moment

“You’re doing owls today?  Wait a second—I’ve got something.”

I present to you the third issue of Daredevil, courtesy of Watson, who paid $140 for a 12¢ comic that the dealer priced at $175.

Could I have asked for a cooler SIL?  I think not.


Just in case that Higgs Boson thing is still bugging you

And since you can’t have a Part One without a Part Two:

And now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go celebrate the ability to not move by practicing that very thing.

Thanks, Higgs Boson!


* Please for to notice the difference between grandmothers and mothers:  when I was a kid, Mom would have been more likely to offer me rat poison than artificially colored/refinely sugared/nutritionally bereft  anything.  The only candies I was given were honey-sesame seed chews from the health food store—I liked them, but that’s beside the point.  Come to think of it, my grandmothers did fill in my educational gaps with bulls-eye caramels and fine quality chocolates—which kind of proves my point . . . Maybe?  I’ve lost track . . . do they sell bulls-eye caramels anymore?

8 thoughts on “Random Thursday: God Particles, Parenting, and Random Owls

  1. Oh! I have a character named Owl in my new story. This has to be The Universe giving me the thumbs-up.

    The candy debate cracks me up. My mother and I have the safety debate, in which I remind her that she used to cart us around town in a pink plastic bathtub without so much as a notion of a seat belt. Now it’s Safety First for her little grandcubs.

  2. I’d say so, Averil! 🙂

    And it’s a wonder any of us lived to adulthood—I remember riding in the front seat on top of the center armrest with no other restraint than my grandmother’s arm . . .

  3. Yes, the differences between the grandmother and mother roles are substantial. Sometimes I want to leave my brood with mine for a few days just to show her what reality looks like. If only I didn’t love them so much, that’s exactly what I’d do.

    • It could be a learning experience for all involved, MSB.

      It’s certainly been a learning experience having my MIL live with us—her spoiling and indulging instincts have been seriously reigned in by the experience . . . But they still appear once in a while, generally in opposition to whatever my husband and I have just said.

  4. Bullseye caramels are the bomb! (And yes, they still make them) Light sabers are awesomely more cool than life savers (I wonder why I thought of a giant inner tube instead of candy?)

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