Six Sentence Sunday: Something a Little Different

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For the past thirty-four weeks—holy cow—I’ve been sharing six sentence chunks of my first drawer novel.  Thank you all for your patience!

Today, I thought I’d shake things up by offering six from my current WIP, The Pigeon Drop, and introduce one Judith Thompson, as observed through the puzzled eyes of her former partner, David McRae. 


It wouldn’t have surprised him if she’d been running a dojo, working personal security, or bouncing at a high-class bar.  Or some kind of law enforcement, as long as it was three-initialed or invisible—even if her record hadn’t been expunged, any agency running covert ops would take one look at her skill set and shred her files.

But there she was, finding books, answering questions, fixing the photocopier.  Eating a brown bag lunch, for God’s sake.  Wearing a beige cardigan . . . not that she’d ever had much use for fashion, but the color was pushing it. And she was smiling at people he’d be hard pressed not to slap upside the head. 

After a morning’s observation, he’d been more than half-convinced that the Jayce Thompson he knew had completely disappeared into this quiet, normal life that didn’t seem to be a cover or a con.


34 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Something a Little Different

  1. Very intriguing! I want to know more about what it was like when they were partners, and what has happened to both of them since. Great six! 🙂

    • It’s actually from the second chapter—the first chapter is from Judith’s POV, but she’s too busy to get into her own background. 😀

  2. Hmm, that is intriguing. I love your details here–his speculation about what she “should” be doing, for example. Great six!

  3. Great to see Judith show up on Six Sunday. Getting a look at her through McRae’s eyes says so much. Great pick of sentences.

  4. She must be hiding something if she wears a beige cardigan. And, that pigeon! It needs to hop on a treadmill. LOL.

    • Actually, she is . . . but she probably didn’t think much about how it looked, anyway.

      And hey, I wouldn’t dis that particular pigeon—there’s some muscle in there somewhere. 😀 I liked the other pigeon watching from around the corner.

  5. I have been languishing in the first chapter for about a year. Now I have the first chapter plus six. Hey, I only have a limited number of years left to yearn for closure.

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