Where it’s (going to be) @ (maybe)

Bought my own domain name this morning, shortly after reading yet another terrific post over at Murderati, featuring Madeira James, a website designer who has done gorgeous work for several of my favorite authors, whether traditionally- or self-published.*

She also takes on a few not-yet-published writers as well, which had me thinking.

Despite years of therapy, chocolate, and the encouragement and rear-kicking of friends, I still have a difficult time with the essential immodesty of sharing my wishful thinking optimism—it’s always seemed a little forward/presumptuous/overreaching /fate-tempting to establish a website and a brand and all that before I have anything to show for it, or on it. And since I still have to get Rocinante fitted with a new windshield and the kids fitted with new shoes and school supplies and a hundred other more immediate Life Expenses™, it’s not practical to pay for professional assistance before I have the profession.

But it did seem sensible to reserve the name of my choice, so if/when the time comes, I’m not stuck with swessonciderearful5639.com.**

So, courtesy of GoDaddy, I am the mistress of my own web domain for the next five years.

cute animals - Daily Squee: Creepicute: Raindrop Hat

Since I’ve only held the position for eight hours or so, I’m not really sure where I’m going from here or when—or even if. But five-year plans are supposed to be good and this gives me a concrete goal incentive, like buying a bikini and sticking it on my fridge with magnets, except, you know, realistic.***

And speaking of optimism, I believe I’ll be saving up my pennies to hire Ms. James, if she’ll have me as a client when/if the time comes—her designs are amazing.

What’s the best/worse/weirdest domain name you can think of for yourself?


*Her FAQ page is extremely helpful.

**Which at this posting is still up for grabs, should any of you be tempted

***Any bikini that is intended to keep me out of that particular appliance had better be made of electrified barbed wire and C4 primed with motion sensors. The dishwasher, on the other hand, could easily be defended with three strategic Kleenex and some Scotch tape.