Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XXXV (Elementary)

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Two weeks after we last left her—at least in real time—Clyota has retrieved the her mother’s lockbox from the thief who tried to take it from her house, while she was busy being arraigned for murder.  She and the Pressman have finally made it back to the car, where Christina has been waiting for at least two pages with the motor running.  

After telling her best friend she looks like she lost the fight, Cristina notices the box:

I winced at the pain in my jaw, and probed for loose teeth with a cautious tongue.

“What’s in it?”

“I don’t know—my mother sent it to me.”

Christina was silent for a long moment.  “Oh,” she said.  “Well, it had better not be your old report cards from elementary school, that’s all I have to say.”

That’s not really all she had to say, because she’s one of mine, but that’s all the sentences I have today. . . 


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