Something Calligraphic

Donald Jackson is the main calligrapher of the St. John’s Bible Project.  The Bible, which is entirely handwritten and illuminated using traditional materials—quills, vellum, powdered pigments, and egg-gesso gilding—was commissioned by Saint John’s University and Abbey in Minnesota.

Finished volumes of the Bible are touring the country.  A nearby library is currently exhibiting the first volume—Genesis through Deuteronomy, I think—and regardless of one’s opinion of the subject matter, it’s absolutely stunning.

As is Mr. Jackson’s description of his work, and the depths of his devotion to his art:

More about the Project is available through the Library of Congress, if you’re interested.

And, if I may have an undignified squee moment:  because I work where I work, I was allowed to turn the Bible—with gloves and holding my breath—to a new page for the day’s display.

Oddly enough, Numbers has better images than the plague pages of Exodus.  I was secretly hoping for frogs . . .  but made do with a lovely black, silver, and gray abstract instead.