I missed the deadline for Six Sunday—I was busy making friendship bracelets with Jane and trying to convince Sunny to choose a birthday present that her friend would like.

And then I forgot, because the copy of The Decoy Bride I’d requested at the library came in, and, well, David Tennant in a Scottish rom com is fairly irresistible, isn’t he?

The movie, though, is about writing as much as it is about romance and marriage and David Tennant’s bone structure.  It’s about writing what you know, or don’t know, and pressure, and writer’s block, and why, exactly, you might be writing in the first place—or the second.

It made me laugh and wince and roll my eyes.  And wonder where I can find boxer shorts with inkwells on them.

I liked it.

See you next Sunday.


13 thoughts on “Whoops.

      • Sarah, I did a little slacking of my own today and watched this movie. How absolutely charming! Kelly Macdonald was adorable, and I loved the Scottish accents – even when I wasn’t entirely certain of what they were saying. Funniest line (for me) was when she said nearly being drowned was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her, and that her life flashed before her eyes, but she was bored half-way through. I rarely watch movies – especially during the day – but enjoyed this very much. Thanks for the recommendation.
        P.S. – inkwell boxer shorts were cute!

  1. If you find these boxers, let me know. And I’ll keep an eye out, too. Glad you got a good movie and made some friendship bracelets. I think that’s well worth a missed SSS. 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday, Sarah.

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