On the Way to School: The Birds and the Boys

This morning in the car:

Sunny:  Lookit that bird, Mommy!

Me (not actually looking because drivers should really face front):  Wow!  Neat!

Sunny:  What if we had a giant bird?

Me:  Then he could fly you to school in the morning.

Janie:  And we wouldn’t be late.

Me:  No, then he would be the one saying, Hurry up!  Get your shoes on!  Brush your teeth!  Climb on my back, right now!  Awk!!

Sunny:  Mommy, you’re silly.

Me:  Yes.  Yes, I am.

Janie: You just figured that out?

Sunny:  No.  The bird would fly us anywhere we said—like the beach!

Me: Only on weekends.  On school days, he’d have to fly to you school.

Sunny:  And back home.

Me: That works for me.

Sunny: I want a blue one.

Me: A big, blue bird?  Like a parrot?  What would you name him?

Sunny:  Perry.  And I want a girl parrot.

Janie:  Why do you always want everything to be a girl?

Sunny:  Girls are cute and boys aren’t.

Me:  Boys can be handsome.  Daddy is a boy and he’s cute.

Sunny:  Daddy is cute and I love him . . . but I still don’t like boys.

Me:  You like J.

Janie (with audible big sister eyeroll):  She loves J.

Sunny:  I like J. because he’s a clean boy.  The rest are loud and yucky.

Janie:  There are a lot of clean boys in fourth grade.  Sort of.  Maybe three.

Me:  Boys do tend to get better when they get older.  Sort of.  Some of them.

Sunny:  I don’t think the kindergarten boys  ever will . . .

16 thoughts on “On the Way to School: The Birds and the Boys

    • Sunny’s the kind of kid who spills on her shirt and has to change it right away, even though she’s not done eating her spaghetti.

      Neat children aren’t as easy as you might think. 🙂

  1. Fastidious kids are so tough, aren’t they? My son had so much dirt between his toes he could plant a petunia patch, yet if he spilled water on his shirt he’d have to change it immediately.
    And you better watch out for those three boys…the writing is on the wall.

  2. From an I once was a boy point of view I ask you, “What do you think the boys are saying about the girls that are actually so cute?” Their summary judgement is “YUK.”

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