Bragging on my Husband

Last night, the family went to see this man play the Sandlot Baseball All-Star Showcase at a real stadium:

We kind of had to—he’s ours.

Obviously:  Who else but a Wesson would play catcher in an old fencing mask?

Have to say, though, he looks good in uniform:

Pretty darn good:

It was a good game, even though the (blue) Turtles were trounced by the (orange) Crushers and Janie ate a blue-iced cupcake that showered everything within a two-foot radius with  teal speckles  and a very sleepy Sunny stuck herself to my shirt by her chocolate frosting goatee.

The entry fee for the game was canned goods for a local food bank and I heard that they collected over eight hundred pounds-worth from the family and friends who came out to watch them play and eat hotdogs and oddly-colored desserts and smush bugs and dance to the music and cheer on the players* and fall asleep on their Mommies until it was time to go home.

We had a great time.

You done good, honey—we’re proud of you!


* “You can do it, Daddy!  Just hit the ball !”


14 thoughts on “Bragging on my Husband

  1. “stuck herself to my shirt by her chocolate frosting goatee”, oh you have to save this line and use it somewhere. Clear, funny, perfect.

    And any man that would use a fencing mask? Priceless.
    Love this whole post.

    • It’s a nice little stadium, Odie—the renovations were totally worth it.

      It’s such a rush seeing the guys on the field—my husband says it’s even more of a rush to be on it!

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