Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XXXVIII

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One of my earliest readers for this story asked me if it was important that Clyota have a therapist.   I personally thought that anyone whose mother was a famous space hero-turned-mass murderer should at least consider it, if only for a place to duck the paparazzi for an hour once a week . . . 

 I’d called Rafe to cancel my appointment, since I would have to meet with my defense lawyer.  I didn’t tell him that, and he didn’t ask.  He only said that if Thursday wasn’t good, he had the afternoon free, if I wanted to talk.

I didn’t want to talk—I wanted to scream and throw things and crawl into a hole and make the world forget it had ever heard of me.  This was probably, I decided, exactly the frame of mind of someone who needed to talk to a psychologist.

So, I went.


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29 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XXXVIII

  1. Ugh, computer issues last week. I did make it around to read, just wasn’t able to comment, but wow. Last week’s snippet was so powerful. Things all better this week so I can leave my “mark”. Another compelling snippet today. I love your take on Clyota.

    Keep up the terrific work!

  2. Having been on the receiving end of such conflicting feelings (and the need for a therapist) I gotta say you portray that contrast of “run away/hide” and “gotta talk to someone” quite well. Clyota’s voice comes through very well here.

  3. Having read and loved the entire story, my irrelevant comment is, “Where were all of these folks who need a therapist when I was in private practice?

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