Poetry Wednesday: Secret Ingredient Poetry Contest

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After a sincere week-long search, I’ve concluded that throughout the history of mankind, there has been a distinct lack of bacon poetry.*

This terrible oversight must be addressed.  Right now.

With a contest.

Lay your bacon poetry on me—bacon haiku, sonnets, limericks, couplets, spectrism, reverse verse, Purple Cows Sows, nursery rhymes, cinquains, whatever.

Serious, fun, crunchy, yummy, pig to plate or—in the case of reversibles—plate to pig.

Share ’em in the comments or e-mail ’em to me if you’re shy or you rhyme pig product with something you wouldn’t want your parents to read.**

For each and every Bacon Poem you send, your name goes into the Pink Cowgirl Hat of Win.

If your name is drawn, you get the regular-sized mug of your choice from Cafepress—or an equivalent gift card, if you would prefer not to provide your mailing address.

E-mail me any questions or put ’em in the comments.

You have from now until Monday at midnight.

Go forth and baconate.***


*As opposed to the poetry of Francis Bacon, which could use, in my restless opinion of the moment, more pig and less piety.

**Or you wouldn’t want my parents sharing with all their friends.  Kevin.

*** If you need any ideas, try the Bacon Today site.  I mean, I like bacon, obviously, but these people?  They revere it.