Something Grotesquely Sweet

I usually take Fridays off from posting, but I just saw this on SBTB, and had to share.

Stephanie Mabey is amazing all by herself, but when her talents are paired with Maddy Ashton’s art, the results are . . . Well, here:

And they say Zombies aren’t romantic . . .


13 thoughts on “Something Grotesquely Sweet

  1. what a sweet song…and one that i will now carry around all day humming, trying to remember the words beyond, “i’d just want your heart…”

    (i name-dropped you over at averil’s today.)

  2. I was introduced to the loving quality of zombies by a show called Bob’s Burgers, but this takes the cake for undead romance. And it’s seriously catchy. Great share!

    • We have been singing and humming that song since I showed it to my family.

      Maybe it grants us immunity from zombie attack? Or maybe it’s a beacon—uh-oh . . .

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