Something Made

The Maker is a five-and-a-half minute handcrafted story from Christine and Christopher Kezelos, set to the music of composer Paul Halley.

It took my breath away.

Here’s the trailer:

The full short film is here.

Please take the time to watch it.  It’s so beautiful.


12 thoughts on “Something Made

    • That hug gets to me every time . . .

      (I was reminded of my children’s baby teeth—I thought it enhanced that air of innocence, or at least I did by the end)

      • yes, the hug. i also like the staring at the end when the first rabbit/doll/toothy-character disappears. the “what do i do now?” stare.

        i think the teeth adds a realism to it. it’s the only real physical human detail. which of course makes me want to google what teeth mean in dreams.

        • It was all over so quickly . . .

          I’m not sure I want to know what dreaming of teeth might mean. Innocence probably isn’t in there.

  1. This is fabulous. Sarah. I can’t help but wonder about the strange alphabet on the blackboard. I bet it’s some kind of secret language between film maker and loved one.

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