Random Thursday: The Best Random Stuff

Just a few of the best things I’ve seen lately.

If you disagree, send me yours and I’ll share ’em!


Best Visual Pun Ever:

It’s a Writer’s Glock!

Get it?

This image was brought to my attention by Zoë Sharp (via Facebook) and is shared with the permission of  Kandi Rich.

You can order magnets or posters of this amazing graphic here—I’m hoping for a tee-shirt soon!

If I ever get a grown-up website, I’m going to see if this  is still available for the header.  Or maybe she could make a playing card for me?


Current  Funniest Book Trailer:
(if you ignore the ad, sorry)

Paul Jury’s  “States of Confusion” looks like an interesting book—I put it on my reserve list.  That there is a reserve list—and only 13 copies left at Amazon at the writing of this post—says something.

And the trailer outtakes are hilarious, by the way.


Best Current Novel Release Giveaway Drawing!

Carrie Crain has released the Nook version of  Austin Girl and the Legend of Diablo today and is holding drawings for all kinds of good stuff for the price of a tweet or a comment.

The premises of her novels—and the names of her characters—are double-take gold, y’all.

This lady knows from funny.  Check her out.


Best Sculpey Pigeon Ever

You know how I said last week that friends and family keep giving me pigeon-related stuff?

That same day, a package arrived in the mail from the multi-talented Lyra.  It included this little guy, who’s about half the size of a quarter and traveled in a prize bubble from a gumball machine:


We’re calling him The Pidge.  Lyra knows why.

The Pidge is  currently perched on my spirit animal so the cat won’t notice him.

Blaug and The Pidge appear to be enjoying long conversations together.

I’m pretty sure they’re talking about me . . .


23 thoughts on “Random Thursday: The Best Random Stuff

  1. I love that The Pidge and Blaug appear to be discussing something very intensely. Now we know where all of your fantasticc ideas come from!

    And how fantastic is the cover of that book. I’d totally frame that.

    • Oh, they don’t tell me anything—they just smirk at me from across the room and begin whispering to each other again. 😀

      And Carrie’s covers are always that cool—You should see the graphics for her spy novel!

  2. I liked New Jersey’s reject: “We hate Snookie, too.” ‘Cause we do. A lot.

    And hey, New Jersey doesn’t mooch off New York! The state also mooches off of Philiadephia. Get your facts straight, buddy!

  3. Speaking of random, your eldest daughter is sitting in a chair with me (that’s a lotta hips in here) and singing “dweam of wuuuuv, that’s the wuvviest wuv on earth.”

    I stopped asking about twenty minutes ago.

    • It’s now being accompanied, in the perfect rhythm your drum corps girl is known for, with arm farts.

      When are you coming home again?

        • She is sleeping like a little angel, dreaming of knitting doll clothes and darning socks and helping set the table.

          WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME AGAIN??????????

  4. “Where white people music comes from…” I’ve learned so much about our states via this update. I must share. At least we have Atlanta. I will take that. I’ll have to keep my eye out for more pigeon-y goodness for you. That IS the most splendid visual pun ever (and would love to see it on your other/new/not yet in production, but decidedly not any more grown-up website).

    And Carrie is very funny. 🙂

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