Something Artful

This is my 750 post for this blog. I’m not sure how many words that is, total, but I’d say the footnotes alone represent a good-sized chunk of those million words we’re told we have to write before we get good at it—here’s hoping.

Thanks to all of you for reading at least some of those words—and special thanks to those of you who have taken the time to comment on them, so I don’t feel like I’m typing into a vast empty hole in the Internet.

To celebrate, here’s a video created by Andrea Dorfman for “Art,” by Tanya Davis sent to me by a friend who said it’s become her muse call:


27 thoughts on “Something Artful

    • I give more?

      Who gave me three of the best photographs ever to grace my walls and introduced me to (at least) two of my favorite mystery series? Who makes me smile every time she shares the way she sees the world—or lets me know other parents are going through the exact same thing?

      Life wouldn’t be right without you in it, MSB.

  1. This is something that I struggle with each time I write a poem or draft some little written thought. Does anyone care? The fact is…I care enough to write it down.and hopefully, others will find it enjoyable and/or meaningful. Congrats on the longevity and consistency of your blog, Sarah…may you reach greater heights in your writing.

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