Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XLV (Someone Special)

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Clyota and the Pressman have arrived in their hotel room—and didn’t the clerk give them an odd look—with the lockbox.  But first, Clyota wants to ask him a question “Off the Record.”  The Pressman tells her that isn’t in their contract. 

So she asks anyway:

“Tell me why you accused John Anderson-Smith of killing ‘someone spe—'”  I stopped as he held up a hand, then moved it to the blue button and pressed.

The ever-present hum died into silence and he sat down in the chair behind him, as if he’d lost much of his personal energy, too.

“Tell me,” I said.

“Her name was Jessica Sentinel-Beacon,” he said, his darkened lens pointed at the drab beige carpet, his organic eye staring at nothing I could see—or wanted to.  “My wife.”


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