Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XLVI (Degrees of Separation)

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The Pressman’s murdered wife and Clyota’s murderous mother share a posthumous connection:

“She was the best of the best—we were the best of the best, together.  We won awards for our scoops, shared bylines, but she won investigative awards on her own as well.

“When the population of MoonShot was allegedly murdered,” he went on, ignoring my flinch, or simply not seeing it, which struck me as worse, “Jessica was offered exclusive coverage of the forensics team by Gladstone-Klein, the major financial partner for the base.”

I knew about Gladstone-Klein—my mother had been on the Oversight Committee.  She’d complained more than once that the corporate liaison was going to drive her insa—I grimaced.

“It was the story of a lifetime,” the Pressman was saying, “and she signed immediately.”


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