Random Thursday: Grammar Zombies of the Edited Slinky Pumpkin Apocalypse

Due to National Novel Writing Month, this Random Thursday post was pre-recorded before a live studio audience.

Despite extreme provocation, no live studio audience members were harmed in the recording of this post.

Thank you. 


Zombie Grammar:

(click image to enlarge because I’ve futzed with it enough for one day)

Also known as Passive-Aggressive Voice . . .


Strong Contender for Weirdest Thing I have Ever Seen:

(no, not the ad–wait for it)


What does the Cincinnati Manual Say?

One of Jane’s assignments last week was to use each of her spelling words in a headline. My kid is more National Inquirer than Wall Street Journal, so her sentences were wonders to behold:

Surprise Blizzard Traps Man in Outhouse.

Tree Challenges People with Chainsaws.*

Man Makes Foolhardy Attempt to Jump Grand Canyon on Tricycle.

Miss Manners: How to be Polite in a Crevice.

Discovery of Vertical Line Changes EVERYTHING.

But sometimes sensationalism goes too far:

“Man Lures Stupidhead?” asked Watson.  “I don’t think that’s allowed.  Do that one over.”

“Oh, c’moooooon!” said Jane, channeling her inner Streetcar Named Desire. “I’m doooone!”

“I don’t think the Chicago Manual of Style would approve,” said Watson.

Jane made that noise—you parents know the one—and rolled her eyes. “I’m not from Chicago!”


Alien o’Lantern

Courtesy of my husband.

(and Watson, who braved the frostbite-inducing pavement barefoot to take this—for you)


It’s All About the Editing

This video makes me want to triple-check my last Pigeon synopsis, in case I accidentally made it sound like Chic Lit.


* Apparently, we  have a budding environmentalist on our hands,as this one was accompanied  by a story and much gesticulation—as Watson described it, the Ents were attacking.