Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XLVII (The Pulitzer)

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I’m in the throes of Nanowrimo—5,193 at the end of day three!—so I decided to keep it simple and offer a bit more of the Pressman’s story:


“She was gone for weeks at a time, either on MoonShot itself, or in the laboratories of Gladstone-Klein. Data was gathered to fill entire sets of crystals, and she became more and more excited.”  A brief smile crossed his lips.  “She glowed.

“The contract forbade her from sharing the information, but she did tell me that the story would earn her the Pulitzer.  Her certainty told me that she was digging deep, that there was much more to the story than a simple mass murder.”

(Photo credit: Lainy Voom/LISP Bazaar/Pandora)


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28 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XLVII (The Pulitzer)

  1. And there’s always something dangerous about learning/sharing secret information about a corporation. But there are always brave (and sometimes ambitious) souls willing to do so. Congrats on continuing to beat NaNo up, one day at a time. Great choice for a snippet.

    • I think if Press Corps members have a weakness, it’s blindness to the dangers of pursuing certain stories. It’s like gold fever to them . . .

      Thanks, Lisa!

  2. Sarah, congrats on the NaNo words! I’m hitting my first block of 6SS favorites before I knuckle down to add to my 5070. I’m so intrigued by the Pressman. And the demise of his wife. The conspiracy and murders have to be dark and scary, m’thinks! Great six.

    • Thanks, Silver—one of my kids is away for the weekend, so I have time to build up my word count a little (though I’m obviously taking a break right now before I try to write myself out of a corner! 🙂 ).

      I’m glad you like Reynard—he’s one of my favorite characters (if I’m allowed to say).

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