Something Orff’ly Flashy

Carmina Burana is a centuries-spanning collection of medieval poems and songs, most of them rather earthy.

In 1936, Carl Orff set twenty-four of them to gorgeously textured music. It’s the general consensus among people who know about these things that he did a pretty good job.

“O Fortuna” is probably the one everyone recognizes—I think at one point there was a Hollywood town law mandating that any movie containing broadswords and/or slow-moving violence had to set at least one scene to this particular piece—and it never fails to give me goosebumps, no matter where and when I hear it:*

I think the confetti cannons are a nice touch. But there’s something about The Piano Guys version . . .

Pure adrenaline in musical form.


*Heard this version over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books yesterday and promptly swiped it.


11 thoughts on “Something Orff’ly Flashy

  1. Carmina Burana features prominently in one of my shelved novels. Its been 12 years, but I still remember this:

    Fortune plango vulnera stilantibus ocellis. Quod sua michi munera subtrahit rebellis.

    I bemoan the wounds of fortune with weepin eyes, for the gifts she gave me she perversely takes away.


  2. The DSM Symphony is doing Carmina Burana in April. I think I’m going to go. (They’re having an incredible season this year… started off with Scheherezade, which was magnificent!)

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