Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XLVIII (The Betrayal)

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Clyota is learning that Pressmen do have feelings, but they don’t think the way other people do . . .  

Eye death

“A man brushed past me, but I caught him only in profile, shaded in darkness—and then I saw her, crumpled on the ground.”  He suddenly focused a blazing eye on me.  “I should have followed him, should have recorded his face, forced him to speak!  But I abandoned my core purpose, everything I believe, he said, his fists clenching, pounding  on his knees, once, twice.  “I abandoned the story of her death to go to her body, hoping I might be in time to tell her. . . And by doing so, I let her murderer go free.” 

(Photo credit: @Doug88888)


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