Random Thursday: Now, With 84% more Watson

Random Thursday: the day when Sarah saves up all the weird wacky things that people have sent her and shares them in lieu of writing an actual post.

Only this time, it’s even more random: that’s right, your intrepid cub reporter Watson has stolen Sarah’s blog. Memes, memes, and more good memes!

I get random things emailed to me too, from my very random friends who include the “ladies” from my old all-girl biker gang (whose name cannot be mentioned on Sarah’s blog), a double PhD from MIT, a woman who sits on five corporate boards, and a guy with both a fine arts degree and a black belt in Krav Maga. Randomly, I appear to have an odd assortment of random friends.

Woe befall ye who read below.

Act I: On Superheroes

Just Be Cos-Play

Sarah might be (slightly) obsessed with the Avengers movie, but I’m slightly obsessed with comic books in general.

Janie IS Captain Obvious

I have this weird tendency to make up nicknames, generally on a comic book theme for people, and will refer to people in public as The Purple Shirt when pointing someone out. In Janie’s case, she is either the old classic, Captain Obvious, or Captain Non-Sequitur. I was forced to explain what Captain Obvious was, so I found this:

Which of course just backfired, as now she runs around the house loudly pointing out “look, that’s the vacuum!” and “look, there’s my sister!”

Act II: On Derping

Teaching Janie Math

Speaking of derping, Janie and I can have some serious derp battles over homework, and make the rest of the adults in the house wonder which of us is more mature (we might be tied at this point).  She’s great at math, but tries to weasel out of having to do the problems.  Problem is, she asks me ridiculous questions like “what’s 13 minus 8?” then gets mad when I don’t tell her.  What I generally do to her resembles this:

Act III:  This Picture Says It All

(Sarah’s note:  Thank you, Captain Obvious)

Act IV: On Movies

Technological Difficulties, Please Just Stop

Blue-ray.  Let’s take a moment to talk about blue-ray and the digital age.  I’m dying to see Keanu Reeves’ new documentary about Hollywood’s current technological shift from film to digital.  The Red system, a fully digital lightweight camera system, is cheap, by movie camera standards, and is therefore accessible to more and more filmmakers.  And without the need for film and processing, anyone can make a moderately-priced movie.

But that doesn’t mean you can just take this new awesome format and go mucking about with my favorite old movies.  Yes, please, transfer them to a new digital format so we don’t lose them in the first place!  Please, save all the old movies from the 20s and 30s!  I’m all for it.

But for the love of all that’s Hollywood, please stop trying to improve the movies as you transfer them.  Leave them alone, or else we’re going to end up with this:

Because No Movie Discussion is Complete Without Mentioning Sean Bean

Someone once made a graph about the multitude of ways that Sean Bean dies in movies.  It’s sort of a running joke around here.  Game of Thrones is announced starring Sean Bean—I get stoked, then realize they tapped him for Ned Stark and give up.  It’s bean years since I’ve seen him survive a movie.


Act V: On Nerd Alerts

I Present To You a T-Rex With No Game

Janie and I tried to do the two-person thing where one person slides their arms under the armpits of another person and gestures while they talk.  Janie was really bad at it, but Sunny decided she wanted to try.  Have you ever seen Jim Carrey’s T-Rex impersonation in Series of Unfortunate Events?  It looked a lot like that – short little stubby T-Rex arms.  Doing T-Rex arms around this house is a bit in vogue occasionally, including the slightly awkward “high three” in lieu of a human high five, so the following was immediately emailed to Sarah — and possibly explains why the dinosaurs went extinct.

I Really Can’t Explain Why This Makes Me Laugh

Every single time I see it.  It confirms my theory that ostriches are just funny.


Act VI: On This Defies Description

Mad skills?  Mad genius?  Just mad in general?  You make the call.