Mike Allegra, over at Heyawriterfellow sent me a link to one of his posts in a comment last week and I held it hostage in my pending folder until he graciously agreed to let me repost it today.

Let him know what you think about it here or there!

Hey, Look! A Writer Fellow!

By day, I write and edit for a magazine called The Lawrentian, and the job allows me to meet a lot of interesting people. In a recent issue, for example, I worked with the inimitable Ken Hakuta, the inventor of The Wacky Wallwalker – that sticky, octopus thing that could be found on the bottom of just about every box of cereal that was sold in the 1980s. It was one of the most popular toys of the decade and earned Hakuta (aka “Dr. Fad”) a fortune.

For those of you who never saw one of these things in action, The Wacky Wallwalker was tossed upon a wall where it would stick for a moment or two before gravity would take hold and make the thing crawl down the vertical surface to the floor below. That was what it was supposed to do, anyway. Sometimes it just fell…

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  1. Oh wow. Those little octopus things are freaking me out. That photo just reached into my brain and unearthed some long-forgotten memories. I remember how they felt, how they smelled, how crazy I was for them. I’m a little freaked out, to be honest — but in a good way!

    And thanks for introducing me to Mike’s blog — it looks like a blast.

    • I loved those little squigey things, too, Laura. Unfortunately, my cat always chewed off their legs . . .

      Mike’s blog is a fun place to hang out—and his artwork is terrific, too.

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