In Your Imagination

Reading Rainbow first aired in 1983, which placed me a little outside its intended demographic.  I watched it anyway—LeVar Burton wouldn’t laugh at me for having my nose stuck in a book, or tell me to put two of those library books back because I couldn’t see over the stack, or advise me with great exasperation to put that book down because I needed both hands to tie my shoes and the school bus was coming.*

He got it.  And he and his company wanted to help other kids get it.

The reason I’m bringing this up is that yesterday, a friend sent me a link to this and dared me not to smile for the rest of the day.

You win, lilygrif, and then some—thank you.

Did you know that there’s a free Reading Rainbow app for the iPad, now?  I didn’t.  Those of you with iPads and small children nearby (cough, Watson, cough) might want to see if your nieces those small children like it.


*Okay, he might have done that last one, but he might not  have been quite as exasperated as Mom was.  Though to be fair, most of the time she ended up carrying an awful lot of library books for me (thanks, Mom).


8 thoughts on “In Your Imagination

  1. I wonder if he would have been exasperated to see a row of wrinkled but dry (but formerly soaked) books on the shelf that were read in the shower or the bath tub!

  2. Thanks for taking me back. I really enjoyed watching to Reading Rainbow with you. I never regret all those trips to the library. Best bribe in my bag of bribes.

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