Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian LIII (Happy Birthday?)

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Clyota and the Pressmen finally open that mysterious lockbox—and find a bunch of documents that are not, at first glance, worth a man’s life—or his death. But there’s also an Eyes Only sealed packet containing a message addressed to Clyota:

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I stared at my name on the envelope. A letter from Mom—I shivered, knowing I needed to open it, but still afraid of its contents: a confession, a reason, the ravings of a madwoman?

I weighed it in my hands, then pulled the flap up and slid out the contents. What had Mom wanted to say to me?

My disbelieving eyes saw a bright, cheery bouquet of flowers, tied with a bright pink ribbon and sporting glittery, textured calligraphy.

Mom had wanted to say “Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Daughter.”


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21 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian LIII (Happy Birthday?)

  1. To have so much apprehension and fear and for it to turn out to be a happy birthday wish has got to be the strangest feeling. Not exactly a let down, but an acute sense of confusion and still that lack of explanation. Clyota was certainly on a roller coaster.

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