Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian LIV (Clueless)

Six Sentence Sunday is open to all writers. Just pick a six sentence passage from anything you’ve written—published, unpublished, whatever—and post it on your blog on Sunday.

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Clyota has received a birthday card from her deceased, space-pilot-turned-mass-murderer mother—but it doesn’t make any sense. 

The date is wrong, the sentiment is wrong, the poem is cutesy-poo—is this a sign that her mother had lost her mind?  Or does it mean something else?

Photo Credit:  Wikipedia

“She never forgot my birthday; I was born on Flag Day, and she always told me the parade was in my honor—Wait.  The lieutenant told me to have a happy birthday, too, didn’t he?”

The Pressman closed his eye, and a whirring sound emanated from somewhere inside.  “He appeared most emphatic.”

“So . . . what are we missing?”

“I believe,” said the Pressman, “it might be a clue.”


I hear that Six Sentence Sundays are coming to a close soon.  I don’t know what we’ll all be doing for Sunday posts, but I’m planning to stop by regularly and see what all of you are up to on your blogs—and I hope you might do the same.

Happy Holidays to those of you who will be celebrating one this week!


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