O Christmas Tree

For your

Holiday and/or Everything’s Closed And I’m Bored


A Wesson Christmas Tree Puzzle:

O Christmas Tree

Find the following things:

—a Snowman made out of a paving brick that weighs more than Sunny.

—A half-shredded, tissue-wrapped, school-made gift left to the mercy of the cat

—half a bolt of pink-and-silver fake fur tied with a sequinned ribbon, from my friend Grace to the kids

—The wooden nut basket with two trees on it that we tore the house apart looking for until it showed up in the photograph and someone elbowed someone else, pointed,  and said, “Oh, for $%#&’s sake.”

—a gingerbread man ornament with feline teeth marks on one leg

—A small egg-nog stain on a hand-hooked Christmas rug from my MIL’s side of the family (don’t tell her, please)

—The TV remote, because we can’t find it and we know it’s in there somewhere.

—Three copies of The Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever

—The replacement tree-topper for the heirloom crystal one that shattered the moment it was gently lifted from its tissue nest and encountered the harsh climatological conditions of our living room

—The cat because we can’t find him, either, but odds are he’s doing something unspeakable behind the tree, possibly to the remote

Merry Happy Christmas

Belated Hanukkah

and/or Tuesday

to You

from the Wessons!


13 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree

  1. I loved this. I’m still looking for quite a few things, though. I died laughing at the wooden nut basket notation. ❤ Merry Happy Christmas Belated Hanukah and/or Monday & Tuesday to you!

    • I forgot to add that there’s apparently a half-eaten candy cane Sunny hooked on a branch “for later.” I haven’t found it in the photo, but I did about ten minutes after posting this.

      Happy Holidays, Lisa! xoxo

  2. I think I found the remote!

    Psych. Made you look.

    Merry Christmas to all of you! I expect to see pics of something clever made with pink and silver fur in the months to come.

    • Tease.

      We actually found it under that chair, to the left of the eggnog stain. Just in time to tape Doctor Who and Leverage tomorrow night!

      I don’t know about clever, but I’m sure Jane will make something fabulous, darling.

  3. Merry merry. Felt like I was there. Thanks. Dad will probably take his book to Le Miz. I tried to read him some of mine, but he told me he was reading he would listen later. Hugs to all.

    • He’s reading it? Today? Wow! Hey, indy! You can pick Dad’s gift every year!

      And I hoped you would like yours, Mom—if you’re already trying to read it to Dad, it’s a good sign. 🙂

      We haven’t opened everything, yet—we’re waiting to put the traditional brunch casserole in the oven.

      Merry Christmas! Call us when you can!

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