Merry Christmas, Mom!

. . . and Dad, too, of course, and the rest of you, but Mom was the one who told me that if I didn’t do a post on the gift she sent me, she’d take ’em back.

And I’m not letting these go:


Thank you!!!

You know that now that I know you can get these at Jungle Jim’s,* I’ll be expecting regular Care Packages, right?

It was a good day for everyone.  Some of the highlights:


Pure Awesomesocks from Santa, who also went a little crazy at the accessory store—if it’s meant to attach to hair, it was in the kids’ stockings.

Watson made the kids hats that go with our family’s favorite movie** and one of our favorite in-jokes–with no written pattern:

Sunny Hat      Jane Hat

She also gave me my new favorite tee-shirt:

Coulson Lives!

Because I’m a big ol’ nerd—this can’t be news—who firmly believes that what The Whedon takes away, The Whedon can bloody well give back.

Since the Christmas turkey roast was put in the crockpot at 10 this morning with four heads of garlic, I spent the afternoon playing computer games with Jane, reading a few of the books given to me by friends and family,  and, as a personal challenge, decorating cookies.  These cookies:

Gingerdead Man

The trick with  is to make the icing just the right consistency—but by the time I mastered the technique, I’d run out.  It was tough, but I found the experience humerus . . .

I hope you all had a great Christmas—or a rather nice Tuesday—and that your evening is filled with the equivalent of the Doctor Who Christmas Special and just this side of too many strange and tasty cookies.


*If you’re anywhere near Cincinnati, go visit Jungle Jim’s—it’s an experience, right down to the bathrooms. And if you forget the name before you can, just google “Weird Grocery stores in Cincinnati,” and it’ll pop right up.  There might also be a video.

**Collectively, I mean.  Our individual tastes differ.  A lot.