Random Thursday: Angry Mobs, Future Gifts, and a Loss of Leverage

Last Random Thursday for 2012!

Anybody still reading these things?


Four Minutes of Leverage

I loved this show.  I bought a DVR so I wouldn’t miss this show.*

I wrote fanfic for this show.

I stalked the Head Writer of this show.

The Pigeon Drop is based partly on something that was once said about one of the consultants for this show.

And now it’s gone.

Sigh . . .


Christmas List 2013 #1:

Hobbit feet!

Hobbit feet!


Let’s Start an Angry Flash Mob!

But watch the azaleas.

Angry Mob!

(Wondermark is the brainchild of the brilliant and non-litigious David Malki !, who is also responsible for one of my tattoos)


Christmas List 2013 #2:

Star Trek Bra

But I want it in Command Gold.

Never mind why.


Humor Me

Because I’m seriously going to miss the team—by which I mean the actors, writers, and crew.

Thanks for a great five year run, guys.

(How about a spin-off—or reunion movie—for  Christmas List 2013 #3?)


*Literally.  If you look at our series recording queue, there are fourteen children’s shows and Leverage.  I keep them there until the season comes out on DVD.

19 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Angry Mobs, Future Gifts, and a Loss of Leverage

  1. Since our mutual stalking of JR is how I found you, you must know I’m going to miss it a bunch too! Gonna have to wait until I’m back at work to watch the vids, my computer download speed is just short of January molasses, and I have no sound.
    I’m in on the flash mob!

    • I hope Kung Fu Monkey continues, Odie. I’d miss John Rogers as much as the show.

      When you asked who they were going to kill off (that was you, wasn’t it?), I honestly didn’t know it would be everyone, even metaphorically.

      Dang it.

      Maybe we can mob angrily at TNT and make ’em give us another two years? Though that’s not entirely in the spirit of altruism . . .

  2. Always reading, even crediting the source so that my kids now say, “Is that from your friend, MissSarahthelibrarian?” I kid you not. You are doing harm to my budget though as now the two poetry books from the last post and the bra from this one must be ordered. Although, I’d rather the bra with a Time Lord logo…
    Make it so, Number One. Make it so.

    • Awww, shucks. 🙂

      Sorry about the budget, Lyra—but you made me buy a pound of Sculpey, some acrylic paints, and a stack of felt sheets the last time I was at the craft store, so we may be even(ish) . . .

      If I ever find Time Lord lingerie, you will know about it five seconds later, I promise you! 😀

      • Yes! Make birds! You must know that I laughed my tuckus (family-friendly blog as it were) off when I read this. When M. and Sunny go to prom, they’ll have hours of crafting horror stories to bridge any uncomfortable moments of, did our moms really set this up when we were four??
        Oh and guess what my oldest got for Christmas? A cake pop maker. Guess what we’re doing tomorrow night when I get home from work…I see you felt, acrylic and clay and raise you a cake pop maker, two poetry books and a life time of The Piano Guys with light sabers. Did I mention how many times we’ve had to watch that? Check mate.

        • But . . . but I’m threading needles. With embroidery thread! A lot ! New glasses and Band-aids aren’t cheap, y’know. 😀

          Enjoy the cake pops! You might want to have a floral brick or some other kind of base to stick them upright once you coat them, by the way, or it’s all kinds of mess.

    • NASCAR is enough on its own, in my opinion, to boycott TNT—but I really do appreciate your appreciation of the . . . sport(?).

      We’ll find another show, in the fullness of time . . . (sob)

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