Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian LV (The Other Side)

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Once again, I forgot to sign up for Six Sentence Sunday in time this week—I’m blaming the holidays, this time, instead of my faulty brain—so an extra thank you to you all for coming by!

Happy New Year!


I’m skipping ahead a chapter or two, because it occurred to me that spilling the mystery of the birthday card wasn’t a good idea, if I ever want anyone to buy the book, supposing I can get my act together—New Year’s Resolution, anyone?

Clyota and Reynard, the Pressman, need a secure ‘Net connection to test out their theory about the papers in the lockbox.  So they head to the Library . . . where Clyota is reminded that Librarians and Pressmen often mix like napalm and gasoline:


 It was strange, coming into the Library as a Patron, going through the weapons detector, putting my carryall through the sensor.  It felt wrong, alien—like seeing Alice from the viewpoint of the Looking Glass.

Patricia at the Customer Service Desk waved at me as I passed, nudging Thomas with her elbow.  He glanced up, registered my presence, and nodded.  Then they saw the Pressman. 

Patricia stiffened to attention, and while Thomas did not actually go for his weapon, his hand did hover near it.


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