Brand New Day — Brand New Look

For those of you who might still be feeling New Year’s Eve, yeah, this is Earful of Cider—I decided to freshen the place up a little.

After two and a half years, I just wasn’t feeling the Greyzed barbwire grunge thing any more.   Though I think I’ll keep my Avatar—I’m still partial to my playing card.

This theme is called Bold Life—I’m hoping it’ll work as a sort of foreshadowing for the rest of the year.

To that end, I have a couple plans that I’ve been putting into place the last couple of weeks.

I have a budget in place and have taken a pledge to use only my debit card except at the gas station.

I’ve also made up a list of steps I’m taking to improve my general health—my weekday curfew was the first and that’s gone pretty well so far.  Regularizing my treadmill usage is next—to that end, the first thing I did this morning * was take a walk.  For now, every other day seems like a possible minimal goal.**

Super Sunny Reads

I’m planning on spending more time with the kids doing non-electronic stuff, too.  We started this weekend, with a small, local comic book convention.  The kids weren’t sure they wanted to go, but they ended up wanted to stay.  And, I might add, shatter my budget into oblivion.  Can’t say I blame them—I had to leave a whole box of Tank Girl behind, which was tough enough without finding a motherload of Maxx the next row over.^

We also started what could become a new family hobby, courtesy of Lyra, who is smart enough to use pre-colored baking clay instead of white clay and acrylic paint,  so she doesn’t have to scrub purple streaks out of her kids’ new pants.

But we all had a good time anyway, and I ended up with a little dragon*** named Grinkie, whose color scheme was the only option or full coverage of the beastie. Still, she has a kind of amateur middle-school fingerprinted rustic charm:

Grinkie2     Grinkie

The writing goes without saying, though I’m planning to put some of the lessons I learned from Pigeon to use on the next project.  I’m keeping a Project Bible for one thing, and making chapter goals for another.  I’m trying something new in the way of genre, as well—we’ll see if it’s just a palate-cleanser or something good.  Either way, my imagination is sparking—so many possibilities!

So . . . What do you think of the new theme?  And how late did your day start?


* Okay, the third thing, because I can’t tolerate more than five minutes of awake time without brushing my teeth—and the first thing I did should go, forgive the pun, without saying.

**Note to self:  budget socks.  And a heavier sweatshirt hoodie—the garage is flippin’ freezing.

***Not a camel, an alligator, an afghan hound, or a dinosaur, which should have been obvious before her horns went on.  I’m just saying.

^Yes, I discovered comics in the early ’90s.  Why do you ask?


30 thoughts on “Brand New Day — Brand New Look

  1. Happy New Year! It’s been a year since we rang in the year together via Twitter. Did that year fly or what?

    I like the new look. It’s the perfect time for changes, I think.

    I was up at 9 a.m., wrote my 3 morning pages (including my 2013 life/writing goals) and actually went online to look up some examples of the “Reluctant I” because I’m doing the writing exercises in Brian Kiteley’s THE 3 A.M. EPIPHANY. Since I’m so bad about seeking out a writing group or workshops that I can afford, I’m using this book as my own workshop. I may have to pop in on occasion here to borrow a half cup of self-discipline to see this through, but at least day one is off to a good start.

    Wishing you the best 2013 you can imagine!

    • That remains one of my favorite New Year’s Eve memories, Lisa, vodka-fueled poetry and all. 😀

      2012 did go quickly. The days were long, but the months just flew past, except October, which dragged like 31 days of lead.

      I’m not sure I actually have self-discipline, per se—I’m pretty sure it’s just camouflaged stubbornness. But I’ll swap you some of that for a half-cup of your inspiration—three pages is a fantastic start to the year!

      I’ll see your best wishes and double them, Lisa! Let’s show 2013 what we can do!

  2. I like the new look. It’s much friendlier.
    I went for the sleep until I wake up option, so I didn’t get out of bed until quarter of noon. I’m thinking I’m going to dig out my writing book, that I bought years ago, and start using it. That WeVerb project I did was quite helpful for me, I think.

    Have a wonderful new year. Hopefully, we’ll get to see each other before too long.

    • I tried my best, Lisa, but the cat landed on my bladder a little before eight and told me in no uncertain terms that I was in his spot. So i gave up.

      Please do dig out your book, Lisa—you’ve always been a storyteller.

      Next time we’re in Cincinnati, we’ll kidnap you from 5th/3rd and we’ll do Skyline.

  3. Love the new look! Just for the record, when our “art” comes out a little rough it is called “folk art” and it’s INTENTIONAL. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. We love our folk art. 😉
    The non electronic thing is fantastic (I say as I sit here with my laptop and let the kids play WII. Although, if it gives me time to write, screw it. That’s part of my new resolution: Freedom from guilt.) and I hope to be better at balance in all things.
    Today started at 9:20 to an all out war over an older someone not opening a younger someone’s cereal bar. Good thing too or I would have slept longer. I am however happy to say that we all just managed to get dressed now, so our New Year’s laziness continues in actual clothes.

    • Whew! I won’t tell you how long it took me to choose this theme. Seriously, it’s embarrassing that I even care this much.

      Folk art. I can work with that!

      The power of Uno reigned supreme this morning, but this afternoon, we’re all doing our own thing, electronic or not. But that’s all part of the balance, too.

      We’re all dressed, but only half of us have set foot outside the house. I’m proud to say I wasn’t one of them.

    • Thanks, Susan!

      She just learned, and she practices every chance she gets—she wants to catch up with her sister, because it’s so unfair she wasn’t born first. 😀

  4. Wow! It’s going to take me some getting used to, but I think I like it. 7:30 wake-up for me this morning, which is probably a good thing, as tomorrow it will have to be much earlier for the back to work train. Baked some cookies and watched some movies and not much else. It’s good to see you start the year with intention. My intention is to make it through another one 😉

    • I’m not back until Saturday, but I’m going to try to keep my regular schedule—I promised to take the kids to their School’s Out Camp tomorrow, anyway, and I don’t want to do that in my jammies. 😉

      I like your intentions for 2013, Odie—at base, I’m hoping for the same thing!

  5. I love this theme! I woke at 8 to a houseful of sleeping people, snuck downstairs to feed the cat and pour coffee into myself. They all woke up at 10/10.30, at which point I commenced making grits. Grits! So good, so easy, so tasty with cheese and jalapenos.

    • Thanks, Indy!

      Two hours to yourself sounds like a fine way to start the day. And grits—I love grits, especially with cheese and enough garlic to render Transylvania inert from here.

      Hey—I hear you play WwF. How about a game?

      • Cooking grits is a new thing for me. It’s only recently that I realized I missed them, which is funny because I didn’t grow up eating them. My dad liked them, but my mother did not. Just like brussels sprouts.

  6. On New Year’s Day, I dragged myself out of bed at noon, popped some aspirin, ate some fresh pineapple, and read on the couch for a couple of hours. Then I cleaned the house and had some friends over to watch British shows and drink cheap sparkling wine and eat unhealthy snacks. I think I’m the reverse of the rest of the world on Jan. 1 — I like to celebrate by eating unhealthily. Anyway, it was a good way to spend Jan. 1 all around. Looking forward to what 2013 brings!

    • Nah, solitaire bores me and I never know where to put the nine.

      It’s actually a you-had-to-be-there in-joke from my poker playing days. About five people in the world might remember enough to laugh.

      Plus, by coincidence, the traditional name of the Queen of Hearts is Judith, and so is the name of the MC in Pigeon. Hokey, maybe, but I never claimed to be sophisticated. 🙂

  7. My kids are obsessed with graphic novels. A small comic book convention would sound like Disney to them!

    I’m fascinated to hear what new genre you are taking up. Tell me there’s comedy involved. Please. You’re a natural.

    I’m back to my 5am wake ups. If I only had a working coffee maker I’d be rockin’ the new world.

    • We’re all about the graphic novels here, too—have you heard of “Bean Dogs” or Mameshiba? Jane found a cache of their adventures at the library and holy cow . . .
      I hope there’s humor in this new experiment, since I’m actually trying this time.

      No coffeemaker? Whoa. The coffee-drinkers in our household use ceramic one-cup filter things for emergencies—and this sure sounds like one!

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