Random Thursday: Life, the Universe, and Whatever’s Left Over

The first Random Thursday of 2013, and you can’t say it doesn’t live up to its name . . . 



This is a trailer for a new BBC show hosted by Brian Cox—the physicist, not the actor*—who is all kinds of smart, but the important part is the song:


House Baggins

The brilliant Miguel Lokia has created several Game of Thrones house sigils for pop culture figures.  The mottos are perfect—and sometimes hilarious.

Go look at his others—I’m hoping that with enough encouragement, he’ll offer them for sale!


The Universe

I just can’t seem to get the Higgs Boson particle out of my mind.

That’s not a pun, that’s the truth.  I even already had a tag for the sucker.

This video doesn’t exactly help, but it’s pretty cool—and look, there’s Brian Cox again:


House Tolkien

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Watson and I have started watching the extended versions of LOTR.  Today we saw Sean Bean die and started The Two Towers.

We have approximately—because I’m too lazy to walk across the room and check— eight discs to go, and while I can see why some things were cut, I’m all for as much Ent footage as possible, so it all evens out.

Also, I’m wondering why all White Wizards appear to be issued hair irons . . .


Other Bits and Pieces

A significant portion of the world starts an exercise regime on January first, full of all the determination, vigor, non-refundable memberships, and adrenaline-inducing playlists necessary for the long haul.

But it’s already January third—where does the time go?—and some of us may be in need of some extra inspiration.

Here’s help:

Ah.  Feel the burn.


*Though Brian Cox the physicist also played keyboard in a ’90s British pop band, which is acting of sorts, and hosts a wide range of programs for the BBC.  And it’s entirely possible that Brian Cox the actor, of whom I am very fond, has a vast knowledge of the hard sciences—I’m certain if he doesn’t, he could win BAFTA faking it.


7 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Life, the Universe, and Whatever’s Left Over

  1. It’s sad to see John Candy (twice no less!) in that video but I could watch Rocky I over and over and over again.

  2. I loved the Higgs Boson video so much I had to share it with Doug on Facebook. As I now see you know. This whole post is full of random awesomeness and awesome randomness.

    Also, the actor Brian Cox. An actor I actually know. He was in a great episode of Inspector Morse.

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