Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian LVI (Close Call)

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You know those kinds of co-workers you look forward to seeing every day because they make work a fun and pleasant place to be?

Diane isn’t one of those.

Photo credit: Steve A Johnson

 “Who,” asked the Pressman, as we walked to the study area, “is Diane?”

“Someone who takes my ancestry to heart,” I said.  “She’s the one who rescued you from certain vehicular homicide in front of the staff parking entrance a couple weeks ago.”

“You would not have hit me,” he said.

“I appreciate the benefit of the doubt.”

“Your car was traveling less than one-point-six kilometers per hour,” he said, “and I was fully capable of stepping out of the way.”


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31 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian LVI (Close Call)

  1. Love how much of their personalities are revealed in this six! And look how much has changed since then. 🙂

  2. Reynard’s ability to deadpan every response is admirable. I fall in love with him over again with every snippet. And I totally know a Diane or two, myself. Have a good week, Sarah!

    • He’s a keeper. 😀

      Every workplace has a Diane—I think there’s a federal mandate or something.

      You, too! Are you headed back to school tomorrow?

      • Perhaps it is. Keep us on our toes? Haha. And yes, but we went back last Wednesday. Which is fine by me as I got a little taste of being back and then a weekend to mull over it. XD

  3. This version of Pressman seems to have a bit of Danny DeVito in him! How in the world can anyone drive that slowly? I think my car idles faster. ;-P

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