The Bananas of Lust

Bananas of Lust

Does anyone else collect possible titles for things they haven’t written and may never try to write?

Titles for any and all genres, for series or stand-alone, that instantly  inspire elevator pitches and make you catch your breath, envision cover art, or at least snort really loudly?

If you do, and your list is like mine, most of them wag the plot in directions you know you’ll probably never go, barring a major life change or Nanowrimo, but some of them actually seem like they might work . . .

The Obsidian Turkey

Epic Viscoelasticity (also suitable for an indie-rock group)

Song of the Echolocator

Languishing, Lingering Linguistics: A Provocative Study of Erotic Alliteration and Assonance through the Ages

The Curious Epitaph of Eleanor Mackelbee

Taking a Leek in Public: Thoughts on Irreverent Vegetarianism

And, for that coming-of-age series I mean to write someday about a teenage wereduck:

Quacking Up

Winging It

Swimming in Circles



Even  if I’m the only one who does this, it’s a fun exercise.  And you never know—Rapture of the Kumquats could prove useful someday in a bizarre set of circumstances—and plot points—that will make the book fly off the shelves.

Anyone else have any favorite titles for unwritten works?
Titles for an unwritten series?
Comments on possible stories for any of the above?

*I’ll bet this one has been used already and gave the  copy editors and library catalogers fits.

(The image from Wondermark is made possible by the genius and generosity of David Malki!)