Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian LVII (Revoked)

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When last we left them, Clyota and the Pressman had gone to the Library to find a secure ‘Net connection for some research into the contents of the lockbox and Clyota was worried about running into her least favorite co-worker.

Naturally,  they not only run into her, but into a certain bad guy—one John Anderson-Smith—who does his best to spoil our heroes’ field trip.

Luckily, Clyota has sympathetic back up.

(Photo credit: gloomy50)

“She’s not a Librarian,” said Diane, shooting me with a look of triumph, “and now she won’t even be a Patron any more.”

“Belay that, Diane,” said a voice. I turned to see Patricia, her stance loose and her expression calm.  “I overheard this gentleman,” she indicated Anderson-Smith, “threatening to remove this Patron’s property by force.  I find him guilty of attempted theft and intimidation on Library grounds, and I am pulling his Privileges.

“Clayton,” she said, tapping her call button, “I have a Revoked for the Cooler.”


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