So, It Has Come to This

I’m finally back to work after leaving in such a rush last Wednesday, and while I feel much better and have resumed walking in the general direction I’m intending to go with no more than my usual lack of coordination,* I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, what with leading the short story group this morning, facing the ungodly amount of stuff that my beloved coworkers piled on my desk so I’d feel at home when I came back (thanks, guys), not to mention an e-mail informing me that my performance eval has been scheduled this week, a righteous case of the hiccups during my desk shift, and the general Mondayness of it all.

So I’m begging off the actual content today and instead am directing your attention to today’s excellent Muderati post about selling versus selling out . . . maybe.

And while you’re at it, try Mike Allegra’s blog,** where I spent today’s word budget in a possibly-relevant comment*** on his latest post, which poses a couple of interesting questions about feedback, honesty, and advice.

I also recommend Averil’s post about the amount of social responsibility writers have, if any,  MSB’s thoughts on social justice, Independent Clause’s discussion on the Alisa Valdes scandal, andLyra’s post about the value of art.

Friends:  writing the deep, thought-provoking posts so you can flake.

Catch y’all tomorrow.


*And have been cleared to drive, yes.  I’m not quite that stubborn, yet—I’m saving it up for when I’m ninety and my eyesight goes.

**And not Steve’s blog, because Mike is a writer with an amazing blog and rather elegant feet with a single broken toe and Steve is an amazing librarian whose feet I have never seen because he doesn’t have a blog and I don’t particularly want to anyway, and also because I’ve promised each of them I’ll stop mixing up their names from now on, even if they look remarkably alike apart from the aforementioned feet about which I obviously can’t make accurate comparisons, no matter how often Steve offers.

***Which may very well be in tomorrow’s post, so I’d appreciate it if you could scroll past it with your eyes closed.  Thanks.