Something Mashy

I love trailer mashups.  Love ’em.

I’m fascinated by the way people more clever than I can pair a serious movie trailer—voice or visuals—with something over the top ridiculous, and make it work.

Case in point:

Seriously.  I’ve seen most of the clips because my kids are addicted—I know what that cannon actually does, and what the dialogue actually was.   And still, goosebumps.

I won’t lie—some of that might be Benedict Cumberbatch, whose voice once led me to watch a 14-minute compilation of Jaguar commercials . . . and three more while I was searching for the link.

So let’s try it with Henry Cavill—a talented actor whose voice isn’t included in my personal Vin Diesel Register of Excellence—paired with clips from a movie that’s a slightly more logical fit:

Still good.