Something Connected

Katachi is one of those concepts that doesn’t translate directly into other languages or cultures.

It means patterns, shapes, forms, symmetry, connected relationships, bridges between two disparities, the interlocking of everything into a Gestalt.   Sort of.

But I’m pretty sure that in its visual form, it looks like this:

6 thoughts on “Something Connected

  1. If you want to be blown away by artistic expression that you will find nowhere else, try Japan. My response to the video is “WOW!” The Japanese have a way of labeling concepts with words that are impossible to define (by western standards) but the Japanese have no trouble understanding them, or recognizing the referent when they see it. Try to write your own Koan. Discover that 17 syllables do not a Haiku make. If you think you have written a masterpiece, just show it to a Japanese and hear them giggle or roll their eyes. They seem to have a synergy between words and/or visual art and feelings, or some sort of immediate perception of meaning which is felt rather than understood which I sorely lack. I at once admire them and am completely frustrated.

    Thanks for a great video.

    • My kids have watched this seven times already, and I’m right there with it.

      And thanks, Lisa—there are actual studies on how to describe this concept . . . and I haven’t read any of them. 🙂

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