The Return of Full Metal Librarian (Professional Secrets)

Okay, it only technically left last week, but drama, it is fun, no?

Now that Six Sentence Sundays are but a fond memory, I thought about dropping Sunday posts altogether . . .  and immediately had heart palpitations.

Luckily, the Weekend Writing Warriors are here to save the day—and they’re giving us two more sentences to work with!

That’s right!  Eight sentences!

Let’s see if I use them wisely . . .


Clyota and Reynard are waiting for Charlie, her desk partner, at the deli across from the Library.  While they wait, Clyota asks Reynard how one becomes a Pressman:

Comfrey & Arnica muscle rubs (Photo credit: Smoobs)

“What’s the Trial like?” I asked, remembering my own thesis defense.  I’d had to use half a tube of muscle cream the next day just to get out of bed.

“It differs among candidates.”  He took three more bites of cake before I realized he wasn’t going to continue.

“Professional secret?”

“All professionals have secrets,” he said, “even those of us dedicated to the dissemination of information.”  He focused on the restaurant entrance.  “Here comes one of yours.”


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