Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (What Dignity?)

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This is a direct continuation of last week’s eight—thanks to everyone who stopped by to comment!

For those of you who were wondering about Clyota’s professional secret, he’s just walked  through the door to the deli—the big guy in library-issue body armor over there, with the dimples Clyota is still refusing to notice (when did he get those?):

French bread sandwich with fries.

I’d just taken a big bite of sandwich, and was completely aware of the picture my stuffed cheeks must have made as Charlie pulled out a chair and sat down.  He angled his seat so his back was to the wall, a movement so automatic and unconscious that it would have made me smile if I could have.

Instead of swallowing hugely and choking to death, I opted for less haste and more dignity.  Once I’d dealt with the mouthful, I took a sip of tea and said, “Hey.  Quiet shift?”

“More quiet than yours,” he said easily, snagging a pickle.  “Patricia filled me in.  They’re going to keep the citizen who attacked you in the cooler until they can ID him.  His DNA isn’t on file.”

39 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (What Dignity?)

  1. “… was completely aware of the picture my stuffed cheeks must have made…” Yep, yep, yep–boy does that resonate with me (and others, I see)! lol

    Lots of information, good reading flow. Nice job 🙂

    • DNA samplers have become (in this world) a standard business practice. For example, when you park your car, you show your ID and stick your finger in the sampler before you go and when you come back. Nursing homes and other places with enhanced security (in this world) keep the data on file for visitors.

      Libraries keep their Patron’s DNA on file, but they need image ID to verify. Since this joker isn’t on file, he has no Patron privileges. 🙂

    • Thanks, AJ—it seems to be universal!

      Charlie and Clyota (the narrator) are desk partners at the library.

      The guy isn’t in a freezer-cooler, he’s in a jail-cooler. Libraries in this world take their rules and regs very seriously! 😀

  2. I would really like the pictured sandwich, please. WITH pickles. Is it just me, or is Charlie a bit too suave? (I’m kind of getting the Dudley Dooright vibe from him)

  3. His DNA isn’t on file… interesting. I loved the visual here, too. Full mouth, fear of choking…lol Natural banter while one eats— perfect snippet. I could see the scene clearly.

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