Random Thursday: Random, Alternative Lovestylings

Happy Random Valentine’s Day!

And just remember:  you knew what you were getting into when you clicked the link . . . 



That Creepy-Uppy kind of Love

Tim Minchin, ladies and gentlemen.  He is The Awesome.

He also wrote a couple of love songs I can’t possibly share on a blog where I write about my kids.

They’re on YouTube.  Go find ’em.

(Dad, I’ll e-mail you the links)


Geek Lines

Geek Love



Zombie Romance with Bonus Earworm

I know I’ve shared this before, but it’s so flippin’ adorable, like Holly Hobbie gone . . . off.

Still a better love story than . . . you know.

And you’ll be humming it for days.


It’s True.  I do.

Napping Love


Depressed about Being Single?

Let Christy Murphy turn you around:


To My Darling

Favorite Husband

I don’t tell you this nearly as much as I should.


10 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Random, Alternative Lovestylings

    • You didn’t know about Tim Minchin?!

      Oh, Dee, are you in for a lovely time! He’s amazing!

      Try, “If I Didn’t Have You.” It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, except I used it last year.

  1. I KNEW you’d have some good stuff up for Valentine’s Day. I just saved the “I like you and naps” picture and am emailing to my husband. It was made for me! And, okay, for my cats, too.

  2. LOVE “because love isn’t complicated enough already”.
    Because, of course, I need something else to make me insecure and rattled with doubts. This year, DP bought me something beautiful and I blamed my not giving him a present on the fact that he is a boy and I can’t buy him adornment, and took him out for a nice dinner. I think it was okay?

    • I think food is usually a good gift for boys.

      My husband and I got it together enough to exchange cards this year (last year, not so much), but a sick kid nixed our Valentine’s Day lunch. Maybe next year . . .

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