Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Implausible Deniability)

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Once again, this bit is directly after last week’s.  No one is eating, but they are gloating a little bit over finally trapping the man who has been dogging their steps since the murder*—and who might have committed it . .  .


 “Some people,” the Pressman said with something approaching relish, “prefer not to carry identification on their person.”

“And I’ll bet he refused point blank to give his name,” I added.

Charlie nodded.  “Yeah—pitched a real snit from what I heard.  You know him?” he asked.  “’Cause if you do, you know I’ll have to call it in.”

The Pressman and I shook our heads as one.  “We’ve never seen him before,” I said, widening my eyes as far as they would go.


*Did I mention there was a murder?   It’s in here somewhere:

First ♦ Second ♦ Third ♦ Fourth ♦ Fifth ♦ Sixth
Seventh ♦ Eighth ♦ Ninth ♦ Tenth ♦ Eleventh ♦ Twelfth ♦ Thirteenth
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Forty-fourth ♦ Forty-fifth ♦ Forty-sixth ♦ Forty-Seventh
Forty-Eighth ♦ Forty-ninth ♦ Fifty ♦ Fifty-one
Fifty-two ♦ Fifty-three ♦ Fifty-four ♦ Fifty-five ♦ Fifty-Six
Fifty-seven ♦Fifty-eight


47 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Implausible Deniability)

  1. I like the rytham your dialogue has in this snippet. Well done! The only thing that gave me pause, and I could be really wrong about this, is as I read it, I desperately wanted to put a comma before and after point blank.

    • I’ve been waiting for someone to create”Full Chapter Fridays,” but so far, no dice.

      I’m taking the compliment and running with it, though . . . Thanks, Mike!

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