Wearable Tahiti

At one point during my parent’s last Thanksgiving visit, Jane ran up to me and said, “MomGrandpa and Grandma are going diving for black pearls next week!  In the ocean!” and charged off again.

Five minutes later, Dad walked into the kitchen.

“Hey, Dad.  Jane says you and Mom are going deep sea pearl diving next week.”

“That’s not true,” he said.  “We’re going in early February.”

And they did.

I can’t imagine that anyone who has read previous posts about my parents could be surprised by this.

Or my the package that arrived yesterday, addressed to Jane, Sunny, Sarah, and Watson Wesson.*

Inside, were these:


Jane and Sunny both received a long string of pale shells and a mother-of-pearl teardrop.  The exquisite cowrie shell is Watson’s.  And my gift is the flower—a hibiscus, maybe?—with the beautiful black pearl.

Pearl in the Hibiscus

We were collectively overwhelmed.  The children had to be forcibly removed from their finery at bedtime and Janie put eyeprints all over my pendant.

It’s supposed to snow today, but my parents have given us a little French Polynesian warmth to hold us until Spring.

And I got a blog post out of it!

Now, that’s generosity.


*Watson was surprised, but she wasn’t aware of my parents’ tendency towards spontaneous, unofficial adoptions.


12 thoughts on “Wearable Tahiti

  1. Dude. Loved your parents even before I get cultural exchange gifts from foreign lands. Now, if only they need a travel buddy…it’d be a wrench but I’d be willing to make that sacrifice for them…

  2. I love that flower necklace! I can only assume that the parental units dove in, found the pearl and then while paragliding to the zipline taught themselves how to do metal work? They are outstanding. Holy cow…

  3. So beautiful! Your parents must be hard to top in the gift-giving department. I mean that in a good way — there are some people so wonderful at giving gifts that I don’t even let myself feel pressured to measure up and instead just enjoy their awesomeness.

  4. Nope, not even a little surprised, given their penchant for picking up waifs and strays who maybe aren’t really waifs and strays except for that particular moment in time.

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