Weekend Writing Warriors: Full Metal Librarian (Sugar Rush)

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Okay, so Pressman innards work a little differently than those of non-enhanced humans.  For instance, their systems run on both electricity and food sources.

A lot of food.  Calorie-dense food.

It’s a perk of the job.

Detail of a section of apple pie

“Librarians,” Reynard said, “have impressive appetites.”

“Pressmen, if you’re a representative example,” I said, indicating his empty, fudge-smeared plate and the two empty sugar dispensers, “eat like eight-year-olds.  I’m surprised you aren’t vibrating right now.”

“Ours is a high energy profession,” Reynard said, with calm dignity, emptying the last of his pot of coffee into his cup.  The waitress appeared with a fresh pot, and he requested a piece of apple pie a la mode.

“Sugar is the quickest bioenergy source, right?” Charlie asked, through a mouthful of onion ring.  “Those implants must take some juice.”


I shared a longer scene including these eight sentences over at Absolute Write a while back and had a nutritionist tell me that she wouldn’t bother to read more this story because I was too ignorant to know that the Pressman couldn’t possibly function  eating crap like this.

My  explanation was that  a) this was one meal;  that b) calories are mere energy sources to a cyborg and essential vitamins were taken care of in other ways;  and that c) Pressmen would gladly trade their health for a good story in a hot minute.

She remained unimpressed.